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Accessorising Jewellery on a Virtual Call

Accessorising Jewellery on a Virtual Call
With the pandemic scare still lingering around, everything from school to work has continued to be reallocated to the video rooms. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't still be fashionable and take care of your accessories along the way. If you’re a fan of jewellery, you’ll be particularly interested in what we have to offer in this post. Keep on reading for the ultimate accessorising tips when you’re on a virtual call.
Layer, Layer, Layer
The best thing about jewellery is that you can mix and match various pieces together. When layering necklaces, if you have a variety of lengths, you can create a seamless embellishment that can look fabulous while you're taking a business call via Zoom. Just choose up to three different necklaces, preferably of different lengths, and start layering them. Layering earrings is another great idea. Match the size of your earrings and cuffs in accordance to your outfit and how big of a statement you want to make. The perfect pair of earrings can dress up even a t-shirt and jeans.
Stack on Bracelets and Rings
If your hands are always on display as you teach or give a presentation, then accessorising with bracelets can be an excellent idea. Whether you go for a single bracelet or a stack, you’ll look fabulous. Rings can help in displaying your fashion sense and complete your look. Feel free to wear one statement piece or mix and match to create the right stack. We personally like to wear our Eye & Hamsa Bracelet paired with the Eye & Hamsa Ring.
Headbands Are the New Hit
Since you’ll be on display during a virtual call, it’s only logical to accessorise your hair as much as possible. Feel free to style up your hairstyle with a chic headband. A rhinestone embellished headband always adds an extra dose of sparkle with or without any accompanying jewellery. You’ll look like you made an effort even if you woke up 30 minutes ago!

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